We are Romagnoli, mechanics of Italy

Here in Romagna we have a special relationship with everything that makes people move. Goliardic people, deeply passionate, we take care of the mechanical parts with greater sensitivity which comes from the pleasure of team working. We are ready to stake ourselves every day, sharing the challenge of improving a component, to find the best possible setting and urge to go a little bit further. Also and above all, this mindset makes us Romagnoli the mechanics of Italy".

At Alpina we know very well the value of our people, therefore our entire research and bicycle production is made in Italy by skilled and reliable workmen. The result of this strategic choice is a line of extremely comfortable, fun and high quality products, designed to deliver the best possible experience for those who love to move through the city centers riding a quality bicycle just like us.

We design bicycles thinking of them as an extension of our body. That’s why we focus and ensure that every junction and each mechanism is a summary of a well-ordered procedure that places the individual at the heart. The pathway that Alpina took in 1976 and never ceased, led us to propose regulations designed to ensure the best interaction with human biomechanics, resulting in comfort at the highest levels.


The bike looks like the airplane more than any other car: it minimizes contact with the earth, and only his humility prevents her from flying.
Mauro Parrini