Comfort is our belief

confort is our belief

Cycling should be a fun and never a painful experience. The geometries of the frames and the settings of the various components of an Alpina bike make it possible to have a proper distribution of body load between the saddle, pedals and handlebars. This means that your weight is supported by the bone structure, reducing the tension of the muscles in your back, neck and arms. Not all cyclists have, however, the same needs. Having this in mind Alpina has identified five driving styles which correspond to five different settings, studied to achieve an appropriate load distribution.


Bicycles identified with the "Slow" pictogram guarantees a particularly relaxed driving position thanks to the particular frame conformation and positioning of the saddle, settings that contribute to an excellent balance of body weight while pedaling.

The structure and hybrid components are designed for the biker looking for a better control. The bust is bended towards the handlebar for the best possible handling of the handlebar in case of holes or unpaved roads. Particularly suitable for trekking.

The "Comfort" setting identifies the Alpine city bikes. The bust is slightly bend forward, optimal position for users who use the bike to get around in the urban area and need a comfortable and dynamic product at the same time.

The classical attack posture is designed for athletes chasing performance. The Alpina "Challenge" bicycles are indicated for an intense and fun drive on paved roads.

The Alpina bikes grow along with your child. To take a more aware choice, a pictogram has been placed next to each model of the KIDS series with the age range for which it is designed. Be sure to give your kid a product tailored to their needs, safe and comfortable at the highest level.

Suggested Men's Size

1,67m - 1,74m Size 500/520
1,74m - 1,83m Size 560
over 1,83m Size 580

Suggested Women's Size

1,60m - 1,75m Size 460/480
over 1,75m Size 500
Walk me wrong, cycling vo ' better. It is a less strenuous. Until recently pedaled often , obtaining balance, desire to do and will
Margherita Hack

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