Visto il particolare momento che sta attraversando il nostro Paese, fino al 31 marzo, vi diamo la possibilità di acquistare le nostre biciclette, e di riceverle direttamente a casa vostra, con uno sconto del 20%
EVOL A1 city lady 28''
Alloy Homologated e-bike
550 mm
Full Suspesion Suntour
Comfort 60°
7v Shimano Acera
EVOL A1 city lady 28''
13 ah
550 mm
€€ 2.510,00
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The bike looks like the airplane more than any other car: it minimizes contact with the earth, and only his humility prevents her from flying.
Mauro Parrini
  • Concept:
    The trendy vintage bike
    Anita and Viscontea are trademarks of the Alpina Group (, which manufactures handmade bicycles entirely handmade in Italy at the Cesena plant in Emilia Romagna. Each model is the result of a research that places the human being in the center, with its mobility and satisfaction ...
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    Henry James said that the most beautiful stories happen to those who know how to tell. Each of us lives an adventure of unique and unrepeatable moments, small vital sparks that come together and interact, creating a bigger story we all share. We are creatures suspended between a past made up of ...
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