Viscontea: a Alpina's brand

The classic Milanese mixes with the excellence of our day

We live connected with us by large invisible networks.
We are social creatures, accustomed to using terms like community, multitasking, virtual. We listen to music with MP3 and our television is Youtube. We are the generation that has escaped the danger of the Bug and saw the dawn of the new millennium. We are educated people to navigate the contemporary, to overwhelm the boundless sea of ​​technology, the head filled with concepts, appointments, numbers, username and personal passwords to remember.
In all this, which is also my world, I have decided to include Viscontea: a historic brand to blend to the present.
The Viscontea brand represents my idea of ​​contemporary bicycle, adapted to the new spaces and new social activities of our time, still shaped by the hands of an artisan.
The challenge that I launch with Viscontea is to deliver bicycles to that important role for individual urban mobility, which in Italy is currently the driving force for motor vehicles. The new brand is growing in the wake of a European and global sensibility that has already marked a road; The tendency is to make the Community aware of the foot pedal recovery that has the advantage of representing an instinctive, clean and therapeutic side of our lives.
Viscontea bicycles are born to represent the link between this hyper-technological world and human nature so corporeal and intuitive.
Welcome then, take a few minutes to enter the Viscontea world.

Our proposals
  • Replica 28''
    Replica 28''
  • San Siro 28''
    San Siro 28''

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