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Henry James said that the most beautiful stories happen to those who know how to tell.
Each of us lives an adventure of unique and unrepeatable moments, small vital sparks that come together and interact, creating a bigger story we all share. We are creatures suspended between a past made up of memories, experiences and a future that we are going to face with expectations. Anita is inspired by our stories to create her products, which are aimed at those who know how to appreciate elegance even in detail, to those who live
Every moment in a special way, having good point where it comes from and where it would like to arrive.
Anita's bicycle collections are always characterized by the traditional distinctive features of Made in Italy that have highlighted the quality, design, technology of the Anita frames and finishes. The excellence of handmade and vintage style that conveys the constructive and functional techniques of each piece Anita
Are an indispensable element that derives from constant research on cycles belonging to Italians who were bakeries, posters, military, children and then fathers or mothers before us and who have passed on to us their stories of passion, simplicity and desire to live . Anita offers you today its bicycles that surround the magic and quality of the items made as once with the comfort of a modern, safe, and excellent product.

Our proposals
  • Condor 28
    Condor 28

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